The People

Currently the company is formed by four founders. Over the coming months we envision expansion of the number of people involved with the company.

We will look for both professionals and students to form our team.

During that coming year we will publish vacancies as we grow, that will include vacancies for directly hired and outsourced personnel, as well as for trainees.

Please keep your eye out for opportunities on this website.

Update July 2023

We welcome students aged 18 years or older, to apply for practical work and school or uni-assignments. We have capacity for teams of two persons for practical work and one school or uni-assignment.

The Founders

Roeland Jan Dijkhuis

Founder "goal, route, structure"

Roeland Jan Dijkhuis has 12 years of international experience in commissioning heavy equipment for the metallurgical industry. Once a goal has been set he draws the path towards it and drums the beat.

Harmen Oterdoom

Founder "facts & prove, alternatives"

Harmen Oterdoom has 20 years of experience in the design and commissioning of ferro-alloy and slag production processes and furnaces. The combination of research and hands on experience during the toughest periods of operation in metallurgical plants makes him one of the world experts in the field. Harmen is driven by intellectual correctness and is the groups technological and social consciousness.

Wiebe Pronker

Founder "inventor, solutions"

Wiebe Pronker has a career behind him in mechanical engineering and people management. He is the developer of the DCI™ reactor and of many other industrial initiatives. Wiebe is the idea man of the group and it is hard not be influenced by his positive vibe and overall enthusiasm.

Michiel Spits

Founder "connect & purpose, goal"

Michiel Spits has over 25 years of experience in power plant design and metals industry as well as people management. He excels in combining entrepreneurial, practical and managerial skills making him the ideal man for linking industrial partners to form circular business models.

Our Partners

Not only people working at our company are fundamental to realise our goals, other companies are too. Currently we are working together with the following partners to deliver DCI™ technology to the market.

  • Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland
  • Innovation Quarter
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Gouda Refractories
  • Harsveld Apparatenbouw
  • Field Lab Industrial Electrification
  • Stiching InVesta
  • GO!-NH

Our Clients

Clients for DCI™ technology typically already run a 24/7 operation. They have goals to minimise waste going off site and it’s cost, reduce their carbon footprint, contribute actively to a circular economy and may even wish to diverse their feedstock.

Municipalities which would like to stop landfilling or even clean up existing landfills are more than welcome to explore the possibilities of the DCI™ technology.

Operators of waste to energy plants which wish to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions are welcome too.

We offer feasibility tests on your waste in our laboratory as of Q3 2023.