Direct Carbon

DOPS Recycling Technologies sells technology called Direct Carbon Immobilization. DCI™ converts waste and biomass into valuable products like syngas and sequestered carbon.


Apply DCI™


Our Technology

With the DCI™ technology, waste and biomass are gasified in an energy efficient reactor and useable syngas and cleaned solids are produced.

Mixed waste

Can handle both mixed and polluted waste streams into one dedicated designed reactor.

Separation and deposition

Separates hydrocarbons from the other materials in the feed and sequesters carbon.

Feedstock for the chemical industry

Produces syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide of which the ratio can be influenced in the reactor.

Solids with a value

Solids are not agglomerated. They are cleaned of hydrocarbons improving the potential to separate and recover minerals and metals.

Continuous operations

The reactor is designed to operate 24/7.

The People

Meet our specialists

Coming from the metals industry the founders combine their knowledge and experience to help solve waste problems by applying proven technology, slightly innovated.